Original Bobbin Lace Patterns

by Irene Tomlinson


Ordering Patterns

All my patterns can be ordered direct from me but I am not entering the realms of internet selling so we have to do it mainly in the old fashioned way.   

My Catalogue

 I produce a Catalogue which is fully illustrated and contains all available designs.   
If you would like to receive a copy please send a stamped addressed envelope to:-

Irene Tomlinson,
Shireburn Lace,
Mandale House,
York Road,
North Duffield,
North Yorkshire,   YO8 5RU

You can also view the patterns (and print any pages from the web-site).

You can order in the old way by letter or telephone (my fax/telephone number is 01757 288656) - I will enclose an invoice when I send the order or you can enclose a cheque marked "Not to exceed £xx" - please add a little extra to cover postage & packing.   I charge the cost of postage plus a very small amount (usually coppers) for handling.

To show that I am not completely in the pre-internet age, you can order by e-mail (irene@shireburnlace.fsnet.co.uk) but that's as modern as we get and then we go back to pen and paper. I do not intend to use Credit Cards over the Internet.   


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