Original Bobbin Lace Patterns

by Irene Tomlinson



Dis-Torchon Patterns

All the patterns are my own design.

All the Dis-Torchon patterns are printed on pricking card.
They are all sold with a picture of the completed lace.   A working diagram and information about threads and the number of bobbins used is included with each design


Dis-Torchon patterns are worked using Torchon techniques and are therefore suitable for anyone who is familiar with Torchon lace.

Although this lace uses Torchon techniques it is not drawn on a 90 grid and therefore cannot be considered to be true Torchon.   It is worked on a distorted grid and I therefore call it Dis-Torchon.  The resultant lace looks very different from the usual Torchon lace.

I have used the same motif in Torchon and Dis-Torchon patterns and the difference in the two styles can be seen by comparing:-

  • Torchon Edge No. 4 and Dis-Torchon Edge No. 1
  • Torchon Edge No. 5 and Dis-Torchon Edge No. 2
  • Torchon Mat No. 4 and Dis-Torchon Mat No. 1

The Dis-torchon patterns include:-

  • edgings (these are all hexagonal because of the nature of Dis-Torchon Lace)
  • hexagonal mat
  • small hexagonal motif

This list of the designs gives details of size, cost of pattern and a small picture of the lace.   To see a larger picture of each piece, click on the small picture.

Name Code Size Cost Small Picture
DisTorchon Motif No. 1 D/M 1 3" diameter 1.50 Dis-T motif 1.gif (44787 bytes)
Dis-Torchon Edging No. 1 D/E 1 Footside approx 3" 
2" wide
1.85 Dis-T Edge 1.gif (173036 bytes)
Dis- Torchon Edging No. 2 D/E 2 Footside approx 3" 
2⅜" wide
1.85 Dis-T Edge 2.gif (157092 bytes)
Dis-Torchon Mat No. 1 D/MAT 1 8" diameter 1.85 Dis-T Mat 1.gif (157815 bytes)

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