Original Bobbin Lace Patterns

by Irene Tomlinson



Bedfordshire Patterns

All the patterns are my own design.

The Summer Leaves patterns were designed to complement the crockery which was sold by Chris Parson the Bobbin Maker.

All the Bedfordshire prickings are accompanied by a picture of the completed lace, details of threads and bobbins required and instructions for working. 

The Summer Leaves Insertions patterns also have instructions for mounting and suggestions for use. 

This list of the designs gives details of size, cost of pattern and a small picture of the lace.   To see a larger picture of each piece, click on the small picture.

Name Size Cost Small  picture
Bedfordshire Motif No. 1 3" diameter 1.30 Beds Motif 01.gif (29437 bytes)
SummerLeaves Bookmark 6" x 1" 1.15
SummerLeaves Edging 1" wide 1.10 S-L Edge.gif (52552 bytes)
SummerLeaves Insertion No. 1 1" wide 1.10 S-l Insertion 01.gif (82115 bytes)
SummerLeaves Insertion No. 2 1" wide 1.10 S-L Insertion 02.gif (73578 bytes)
SummerLeaves Glass Candleholder 2⅜" diameter 1.15 S-L Candle.gif (28489 bytes)


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