Original Bobbin Lace Patterns

by Irene Tomlinson



Welcome to all bobbin lacemakers.

First I must apologize to everyone who has looked at my web site recently and found that it had not been updated for a long time.  My web host went out of business without warning and I could not gain entry to the site to do anything about it.  Hopefully, the problem has now been sorted and my new web host will behave itself!

During the time when I could not reach my website to update it, I have had to increase prices slightly. I'm sorry, but I could not absorb the increase in production costs any longer.  I have tried to keep the increase as low as possible. 


I design bobbin lace patterns and supply them printed on pricking card.

Each pattern has the necessary working lines printed  for the full length of the pattern.  The patterns are therefore ready to prick.   This means that you do not need to do any time-consuming marking up.

For each design a ready to prick pricking, a picture of the completed lace and details of thread and number of bobbins needed to work the lace are given.

A working diagram is also included with the majority of prickings.  I have stated on the relevant pages of the web  site which patterns do not have a working diagram.

The prickings are drawn using a computer I think this is the method which produces the most accurate prickings and as all lacemakers know, an accurate pricking is essential for working good lace.

The designs include

  • Bucks Point
  • Torchon
  • Dis-Torchon
  • Bedfordshire
  • Braid

If you see a pattern and would like the pricking in a different size or for a different thread, please let me know - I shall try to produce the pricking to your specification.

Click on the appropriate bobbin below for more information about the patterns for each lace and to see worked examples of the available patterns.


I produce a fully illustrated catalogue and sell by Mail Order.  If you would like to know more about the catalogue, how to obtain one or how to order patterns please click on the bobbin below.

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                                             Updated  7th June 2004

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